Bourbon St -

Quick Thoughts: Delicious subs delivered to your office at a pretty fair price point? Slow cooked meats in your sandwiches? Colour me interested.

Bourbon Street started real small but has delivered exactly on their premise of a tasty lunch option that is delivered to your workplace. They’re also taking up residency at the Commercial Hotel in Yarraville beginning from last week (you read that right). Might have to head down.

Verdict: Would Go Back

South of Johnston -

Quick Thoughts: Crispy bacon with french toast and maple syrup? Sign me up! So you might notice that there are a lot of photos of South of Johnston itself and only one photo of the food itself.  Well, that’s because it’s a really nice space, but really it’s because we waited for over 40 minutes for our food even after we’d waited about 20 minutes or so to be seated.

Hungry bored hippo over here y’all. 

Also there needed something to balance out the french toast, it just felt a bit too barren and uncreative having the bacon just sitting atop the french toast. I’d be willing to go back, I can see the potential if they got on top of their efficiency, a return may be in order.

Verdict: Worth A Try.

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WonderBao -

Quick Thoughts: Serving up delicious and carefully prepared ‘baos’, or rather, Chinese style ‘tacos’, WonderBao has easily built and filled a niche that Melbourne wasn’t quite sure that it lacked. Bringing modern takes on the humble steamed bread buns called ‘Bao’, they feature a menu that shows off modernised takes on the aforementioned along with the typical round filled Char Siu Baos and their variations. 

Make sure you try the braised pork belly bao (the gua bao), the home made soy milk and the custard bao, and then thank me later by buying me a few.

Verdict: Legit

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La Luna -

Quick Thoughts: Unpretentious, yet elegant would best describe La Luna. It’s a place where I’d happily take a family, yet would have no issue taking a date either (assuming they’re a little carnivorous). You can tell that flavour was the first directive, and it shines through in La Luna’s dishes. And although some of the dishes may feel as if they’re on the simpler side, the flavours that come through are by no means basic.  Carefully seasoned and balanced, you can taste the great deal of care that’s been taken into creating each and every dish. The freshness of their ingredients and carefully chosen produce are obvious (price premium included) and has La Luna shining through the night of Melbourne’s offerings.

Verdict: Legit

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The Burger Lounge -

Quick Thoughts: Now there’s been quite a bit of fanfare (maybe in my social circles) surrounding the The Burger Lounge, and much of it is warranted.

They serve up what is ultimately the traditionally “Australian” burger with many a twist depending on what you choose. My pattie had cheese in the pattie, which is pretty ridiculous.

But I’d be nary to say that it does suffer from the ‘localised’ hype that tends to surround many of these more isolated restaurants and outlets in the suburbs.This isn’t to say that I believe that the burgers at The Burger Lounge are sub par by any means, but would I travel specifically to go get a burger from here? Not quite, but if I lived in Eltham or the surrounding areas I’d be more than happy to come back many, many times.  

Verdict: Would Go Back

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