Chez Dre -

Quick Thoughts: Not quite sure how I feel about Chez Dre. If we were to judge them soley by their cakes and desserts, they’re a resounding legit experience, however is in a way still overshadowed by Burch & Purchese.  On the other end of the spectrum, as a cafe, their food is trending lands around the average mark and unfortunately unspectacular.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that you should go elsewhere for your brunch/lunch spectacular and then drop by for some dang fine desserts.

Rating: Would Go Back (for the cakes)

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Katie’s Crab Shack -

Quick Thoughts: “Dang tasty crabs” is the descriptor used, and dang tasty they are indeed.  But more than that, I’d be happy to argue that Miss Katie might just serve up the dang tastiest and bestest fried chicken (and waffles) in all of the Melbourne land. Go. Now.

Rating: Legit

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Krimper -

Quick Thoughts: Tucked away and out of sight, Krimper is yet another solid cafe to join the never ending (which I’m highly appreciative of) run of new cafes throughout Melbourne. While at first thought it seems to be ‘just another cafe’, it’s interesting menu that effortlessly moves away from the usual “big breakfast” or “smashed avocado”, ultimately let’s it humbly stand up above many others, but not quite at that ‘legit’ level.

Rating: Would Go Back

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Papa Goose -

Quick Thoughts: British fare with a modern twist? Papa Goose more than delivers the goods with some creatively reimagined British classics. Their desserts in particular, were a stand out along with their vegetable starter which featured a smoked tomato and immaculately seasoned everything else. Sitting comfortably in the fine dining range, it’s definitely worth visiting when you’ve got an inkling for some serious British food.

Rating: Would Go Back 

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Aka Siro

Quick Thoughts: More than anything else, Aka Siro reminds me of home. The food is very traditional Japanese homestyle cooking that consists of simple and subtle flavours.  A very good thing that’s missing within the Melbourne restaurant scene, and unfortunately, I feel, may ultimately fly over the general public’s head who’s looking for the generic (I guess by now…) sushi and ramen. If you’ve ever wondered what it’d be really like to be offered homely Japanese hospitality, then this is as close as it gets.

Rating: Would Go Back.

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